The Financial Engineering Master Program at Baruch College is an elite program with high admission standards (8% rate for Fall 2022 admission; current class size: 27 students) and graduates that are highly competitive on the job market (100% placement rate of the December 2021 – May 2022 graduates within three months of graduation, and 100% placement rate for 2022 summer internships). Over 90% of all our graduates are currently employed in the financial industry; see the 2018-2020 Baruch MFE Employment Report for more details.

Curriculum: Our curriculum emphasizes market microstructure, time series analysis and algorithmic trading, machine learning, risk management, commodities and futures trading, interest rate and credit products, and derivatives hedging and valuation.

Knowledge and Skills: Our graduates have working experience with C++, Python, VBA, R, and Matlab for financial applications. They share an exceptionally strong work ethic and possess excellent interpersonal, teamwork, and communication skills.

Faculty: Our instructors include highly successful practitioners and excellent educators, both as full-time faculty (Jim Gatheral, Andrew Lesniewski) and adjunct instructors (Ken Abbott, Yury Blyakhman, Mark Higgins, Dmitry Rakhlin, Gordon Ritter).

Posting an Opportunity (full-time or internship)

Opportunities are posted to all students looking for full-time positions or internships. Note that, upon request, we post full-time opportunities to all of our alumni, and thus we are able to help fill positions requiring a vast range of prior work experience.

To post an opportunity, please send an email to and include the title and a brief description of the position you are interested to fill, as well as the start date, if applicable.

Selected resumes of qualified candidates are submitted within five business days of posting the opportunity, complete with a description of the particular strength of each candidate.

Upon request, we organize interviewing on our campus located in Midtown Manhattan, at Lexington Avenue and 24th Street.

Request Resume Books

Up-to-date Resume Books of the graduating students looking for full time positions, as well as of students looking for internships are available year-round.

To request a Resume Book, please send an email to and include the name of the organization on behalf of which you are interested in our students.