Professor of Mathematics at Baruch College, City University of New York.

Phone: 646.312.4126; Email:
Mailing address: Department of Mathematics, Box B6-230, Baruch College, One Bernard Baruch Way, New York, NY 10010, USA

MIT Class of 2000. Ph.D. at MIT in 2004 under the supervision of Daniel J. Kleitman and Janos Pach. Hill Assistant Professor at Rutgers University (2004-2007).

Research interests: Mathematical Finance (Volatility modeling), Combinatorics, Discrete Geometry.

Part of the NY Geometry Seminar, and the NYC Discrete Geometry Group.

Part of the Baruch College MFE Program, the best Financial Engineering/Quantitative Finance masters program in North America.

Courses taught (Baruch College, Department of Mathematics):

MTH 2003 (Precalculus and Elements of Calculus), MTH 2205 (Applied Calculus), MTH 2610 (Calculus I), MTH 3010 (Calculus II), MTH 3100 (Selected Topics in Finite Mathematics), MTH 4000 (Bridge to Higher Mathematics), MTH 4005 (Problem-Solving Seminar), MTH 4120 (Probability), MTH 4140 (Graph Theory), MTH 4150 (Combinatorics), MTH 4500 (Introductory Financial Mathematics).

Courses taught (Baruch College, MFE Program):

MTH 9814 (A Quantitative Introduction to Pricing Financial Instruments), MTH 9841 (Statistics for Finance), MTH 9873 (Time Series Analysis), MTH 9891 (Introduction to Applied Financial Econometrics).

Also taught:

Statistics for Financial Engineering (MFE Summer Refresher Seminar), Advanced Calculus with Financial Engineering Applications(Pre-MFE Program), Financial Engineering & Applied Mathematics Program (Summer Leadership Academy), Intuition-Based Options Primer for Financial Engineering (Online QuantNet course).

Publications (Mathematical Finance):

Publications (Combinatorics/Discrete Geometry):

Publications (Miscellanea):

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