Feedback from students in On-site seminars in the Pre-MFE Program at Baruch College:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and got a lot out of the material. The seminar is very well organized and has more than enough real financial applications to make it truly worthwhile.”

Front-Office Practitioner, financial industry

“The material is just right with interesting topics (like portfolio optimization) and intellectually challenging (it did take some time to figure out the tricks).”

Financial Analyst

“The seminar was both challenging and interesting, especially the financial application. During my Bachelor’s degree I needed to wait about 2 semesters (about 10 courses) for practical applications, and in this seminar you taught us financial application straight from the beginning.

Prospective applicant, six years work experience in a non-financial industry

“It was a pleasure being your student the last 8 weeks. I had the greatest learning experience in such a short period of time, and for sure I have removed few inches of dust off my math skills.”

Middle-Office Practitioner, New York bank

I thoroughly enjoyed both seminars. Thanks for a great seminar – the combination of theory and financial applications really drove home the topics for me.

Front-Office Practitioner, financial industry

I wanted to let you know that how much I enjoyed the Pre-MFE seminars. I’ve learned so much more than I could have expected. Thank you for providing us such a great opportunity to brush up on our math skills and financial concepts.

Prospective applicant, PhD degree holder

“Thank you for teaching the Pre-MFE Advanced Calculus seminar. It is one of the best classes I’ve taken. Besides being very efficient, the class is interesting and useful, and you have great knowledge and presence that can attract many quality students.”

Prospective applicant, college-level adjunct instructor

“Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to your students. It was a pleasure and a wonderful opportunity to attend and be part of something great. The quality and caliber of the course was overall very high. Many thanks to the wonderful TA’s who were very helpful assisting us with answering questions.”

Prospective applicant

“Thank you for the Pre-MFE seminar and fast evaluation of the exam. The course material was well organized in terms of theory and application.”

IT Practitioner, financial industry

“I greatly appreciate your work in the last two month. I find the materials in this class are really practical and useful, and thank you for giving me such a great learning experience.”

Prospective applicant, MBA degree holder

“It was a great experience overall. Thank you for a wonderful seminar. I’m glad that I took it. Thank you for teaching us and giving us an excellent experience!”

Middle-Office Practitioner, financial industry

“I am taking this opportunity to thank you for the seminar. It was very instructive, and quite frankly, an absolutely enjoyable experience!”

IT Practitioner, financial industry

“I am already applying bootstrapping concept at my job. We have few caps and floors that reset daily and we aretrying to analyse if we can use some other interpolation method(like cubic spline) to fit the yield curve.”

Finance Practitioner, New York bank

“The seminar was extremely helpful, it gave me a deep and thorough introduction on what I should expect at the MFE Program. Without this seminar, it would have been immature step to apply for the MFE program.”

IT Practitioner, software industry

“Thank you so much for all your efforts in conducting this seminar. I have learned immensely. The knowledge gathered during these 8 weeks will be totally invaluable.

IT Practitioner, financial industry

“I really had a wonderful time and have learned so much in financial application from your class in the last two month. It is the first course related in MFE I have ever taken, and indeed, it is invaluable for leading me to the financial world.

Prospective applicants, MS degree holder