The following are some recent testimonials by students who completed the “C++ Programming for Financial Engineering” online course.

The course provided a great outline of what a programmer can do with C++. The topic areas are brief, to the point, and distributed into 9 levels. Each level has video lectures, homework assignments, and its own forum for students to ask questions. The instructor conducted a precise walk-through on each lecture, again, brief and to the point. My assigned TA was tremendous in given feedback and pointing me in the right direction.

I enjoyed this course and the challenging assignments. I now feel much more comfortable with C++, than before I took the course. In my opinion though, one without prior programming experience may find this course on the very difficult side. If that’s the case, I would suggest making good use of the forums in each level. Your hard work would certainly be rewarded later on.

I was really impressed with the quality of this course. It managed to cover a whole lot of material. The only way to learn how to program is by doing lots of programming, and learning from your mistakes. The homeworks at each level make sure you get in a lot of practice. Feedback from TA/forum helps you learn from your (and other people’s) mistakes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the material both insightful and compelling. My TA was a great resource and provided me with top-quality help.

The course was great. I learned a lot. My TA has been awesome throughout. I never expected such a huge amount of work from his side. He gave me detailed description of my commenting styles, errors, ways I could improve my code etc. 

This is a very good C++ course. Since I was a new programmer in C++, and my TA and Prof Duffy gave me a lot of help on programming. My TA is a very good TA, he is nice and patient, he also answer my question in time and grads my home work with helpful suggestion not only on the homework itself but also advice on programming in C++ in general. So in general, this is very good and helpful class.

I think the course syllabus is very strong and the homework load is quite intense, which is a great thing. Also, the last part of the course provided a close insight into financial engineering applications in OOP. And special thanks to my TA, who was extremely helpful and gave me a great piece of advice even beyond the scope of the course.

I was able to get a solid background in C++ and options modeling very quickly. It would have taken me at least a year to get this far on my own. The introduction to exact, finite-difference, binomial method, and Monte-Carlo techniques was extremely valuable. My TA provided feedback usually within a half a day. He did an outstanding job. Professor Duffy was very accessible online as well. I appreciate Professor Duffy’s mathematical knowledge and expertise in the option modeling techniques.

Very well rounded course that covers most of the C++ concepts that a financial engineer would need. Feeling really comfortable to price derivatives and create programs that are structurally correct and efficient. I would recommend to anyone that is interested in a hard core language that combines control of the system and advance implementation of financial algorithms. Great work Prof. Duffy, Andy, my TA, the rest of the TA’s and the community that supported the questions of all the students.

The course was well structured and well taught, I particularly liked how we build on our homework sets as we progressed through the modules. The continuity certainly helps with understanding the material better. I took the course from a location 12hrs ahead of NY, and the time difference was never a problem as I made good use of the forums.

This was a very exciting and useful class. Graduating from a degree in Computer Graphics, I am going to do my masters next year in Computer Science. This course was a perfect introduction to the advanced features of C++. Lectures were clear, very well paced and the assistance of the TA and the whole quantnet comunity was very useful. I would recommend this course to anyone who want to get more advanced knowledge of C++ and OOP.

Quality of the course: Overall, an engaging and challenging course both in terms of content and the workload. Dr. Duffy managed to explain the difficult concepts well which greatly facilitated learning. It also helped that he was intimately knowledgeable of numerical analysis and C++ as applied to financial applications – I learned more than just programming! The rigorous nature of the assignments also served to reinforce learning through practical application. I liked the portion on STL and Boost, which were the unique points of the course for me compared to similar courses.

TA: My TA, was tremendously helpful in being attentive to questions and providing guidance. The quality of his support has been instrumental in facilitating learning of a new programming language. It was a pleasure learning from and interacting with Avi!


I liked the direct interaction with fellow students, graduates of the course, TAs, and Dr. Duffy through the forum platform. This was one main avenue of support which I thought was rather effective.

This is a great course for learning solid fundamentals in C++ and the basics of option pricing. I came into the course with almost no programming knowledge (a little bit of R/S-Plus) and left with a wide range of C and C++ knowledge that will help me earn an MFE. My TA  provided extremely quick and thorough responses to most questions I had, and the rest of the QuantNet community was very helpful as well. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs to boost their programming skills prior to starting an MFE.

Quality of instruction is certainly one of a kind. The various tools available for students to learn the course material i.e. Videos, PDFs, Forums, TA private messages – catered to everyone’s learning style. Even after having prior knowledge of C++, I found the course to be challenging and reinforcing. I would recommend the course for anyone interested in the Quantitative Finance.