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The 2016-2018 Baruch MFE Employment Report contains full-time and internship numbers aggregated over the last three years, and including details on employers, job functions, job industry.

The Baruch MFE program has over three hundred alumni. Over 85% of our alumni work in the financial industry, the vast majority of them in New York. Our international students are equally successful on the job market as US residents, the only difference being that international students are rarely eligible for positions that have to be filled immediately.

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A small number of our graduates do not look for employment, primarily because they already have senior positions in the financial industry.

First Year Compensation

The first year compensation reported here is the compensation guaranteed at the time of hire. It is comprised of the starting base salary plus the signing bonus plus any first year bonus guaranteed in the offer letter, if any.

The annual performance-based bonus is not included here. The annual bonus is typically an additional 10-50% of the base salary, and may be prorated. We do not track these numbers. In other words, the first year total compensation of our graduates is higher than the guaranteed compensation reported.

Graduation Date Graduates Placement Rate Job already High Low Median Average
Dec 2017 32 29 of 30 2 190K 87K 125K 126K
Dec 2016-May 2017 39 35 of 35 4 210K 85K 125K 131K
Dec 2015-May 2016 33 29 of 30 3 195K 85K 110K 121K
Dec 2014-May 2015 27 21 of 21 6 180K 85K 100K 111K
Dec 2013-May 2014 28 24 of 26 2 170K 70K 100K 109K
Dec 2012-May 2013 25 20 of 21 4 165K 70K 105K 115K
Dec 2011-May 2012 27 21 of 22 5 150K 70K 95K 101K


First Year Starting Salary

The table below contains the first year starting salary of our graduates, which does not include any bonuses

Graduation Date Graduates Placement Rate Job Already High Low Median Average
Dec 2017 32 29 of 30 2 145K 87K 120K 109K
Dec 2016-May 2017 39 35 of 35 4 155K 85K 110K 110K
Dec 2015-May 2016 33 29 of 30 3 150K 83K 100K 105K
Dec 2014-May 2015 27 21 of 21 6 130K 75K 95K 95K
Dec 2013-May 2014 28 24 of 26 2 150K 70K 95K 100K
Dec 2012-May 2013 25 20 of 21 4 160K 70K 100K 103K
Dec 2011-May 2012 27 21 of 22 5 135K 70K 90K 95K


First Year Starting Salary for graduates with no relevant work experience

First year compensation depends in part on prior work experience. Some of our students worked in the financial industry before starting the program (although not necessarily in front office positions), and this seniority has usually been recognized in initial compensation packages. However, some of the highest compensation packages have also been offered to strong graduates with no previous work experience in the financial industry.

The table below contains data on the first year starting salary of our graduates who had either no work experience, or no relevant work experience in the US.

Graduation Date Graduates Placement Rate High Low Median Average
Dec 2017 23 22 of 23 140K 87K 108K 109K
Dec 2016-May 2017 25 25 of 25 155K 85K 105K 109K
Dec 2015-May 2016 19 18 of 19 125K 83K 95K 99K
Dec 2014-May 2015 14 14 of 14 125K 75K 95K 94K
Dec 2013-May 2014 15 15 of 15 140K 70K 90K 90K
Dec 2012-May 2013 12 12 of 12 125K 70K 95K 94K
Dec 2011-May 2012 14 13 of 14 100K 70K 85K 86K


December 2017 Graduates – Employment Facts and Figures

Employers (by type)
Investment Banks 54%
Hedge Funds 36%
FinTech 4%
Consulting 7%

Employers (some with multiples hires; selected)

Alphadyne Asset Management
BNP Paribas
Graham Capital
JP Morgan
Morgan Stanley
Point72 Asset Management
Quantitative Brokers
SCT Capital Management
Squarepoint Capital
Tower Research Capital


New York 93%
US (Hong Kong ad China) 7%

December 2012 – December 2017 Graduates – Employers and Positions

Employers (some with multiple hires; selected)

Alphadyne Asset Management
Balyasny Asset Management
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Barclays Capital
BNP Paribas
BNY Mellon
BlackRock Solutions
Chicago Trading Company
Credit Suisse
Deutsche Bank
First New York
Goldman Sachs
Highbridge Capital
Hudson River Trading
Harvard Management Company
Kepos Capital
Morgan Stanley
National Australia Bank
Nomura Securities
NuWave Investment Management
Quantitative Brokers
RBC Capital Markets
Royal Bank of Scotland
Societe Generale
Standish Mellon
State Street
Van Eck Associates
Tower Research Capital


Associate, Financial Engineering
Associate, Market Risk
Associate, Operational Risk
Associate, Order Execution
Associate Advisor
AVP – Risk Analytics Modeling
Commodities Trader
Credit Risk Analyst
Director of Research
Financial Applications Engineer
Financial Engineer
Financial Engineer Associate
Financial Software Developer
Global Equities Analyst
Interest Rates Trader
Investment Banking Analyst
Lead Financial Engineer
Market Data Specialist
Market Risk Analyst
Portfolio Analysis Analyst
Portfolio Analytics Software Developer
Quant Developer
Quant Developer Associate
Quant Research Associate
Quantitative Analyst
Quantitative Support Analyst
Research Analyst
Risk Analyst
Senior Consultant
Software Developer
Trading Assistant