Tools for Clear Speech Seminar

The Baruch MFE Program offers students a Tools for Clear Speech (TfCS) Seminar to improve their American English pronunciation, fluency, and overall intelligibility. The TfCS Seminar is unique to Baruch College, and provides students the opportunity to work with professional speech consultants in a 2-1 (two students with one consultant) setting in the fall, followed by a 1-1 setting in the spring semester.

The seminar provides a diagnostic of students’ speaking abilities through both quantitative scoring and qualitative feedback, and also offers a detailed portfolio of progress while enrolled in the MFE Program.

Instruction addresses the unique challenges of each student, and covers the most important features of intelligibility, including consonant and vowel sounds, rhythm and intonation, difficult grammar forms, and authentic use of English. Instruction will also incorporate vocabulary relevant to students’ field of study.

Participating in the TfCS Seminar helps our students in the following areas:

  • Speak English more clearly
  • Communicate more accurately and appropriately with other English speakers
  • Perform confidently in interviews

Results and Testimonials:

  • On average, students who participated in the TfCS Seminar from the beginning of Fall 2015 to the end of Spring 2016 improved their pronunciation accuracy from an intermediate to upper score on the assessment rubric (+11.5%).
  • 96% of participating students during Fall 2016 agreed or strongly agreed that TfCS sessions helped them speak English more clearly, and recommended that the TfCS Seminar be offered again in the Spring 2017 semester.