Baruch College’s Masters of Financial Engineering (MFE) team won the sixth annual International Association for Quantitative Finance (IAQF) competition, in a three-way tie at the top. The competition featured 25 teams from 19 MFE programs. This victory marks the third consecutive year the Baruch MFE Program has won the IAQF and adds to what has been a banner year for Baruch College, winning all of the financial competitions entered this season.

The competition required students to analyze the effects that the policy of increasing interest rates will have on equity markets, debt markets, currency markets and on international financial markets, as well to develop a portfolio to take advantage of the impending changes.

Congratulations to our students, Mingyang (Corbin) Guan (team co-captain), ShengQuan Zhou (team co-captain, and second time IAQF winner), Zhihao (Alex) Chen, Hongshan Chu, Jiaxi (Jessie) Wang, and Xinlu Xiao, as well as to Professor Andrew Lesniewski, who guided our students, and to our alum Scott Hounsell (Baruch MFE’15).

Congratulations to our winners!