Prof. Salih Neftci

Dr. Salih Neftci, a long time professor in the Baruch MFE program, passed away in April 2009.

In appreciation of his tireless dedication to educating them and to shaping their future, the Baruch MFE alumni and students, as well as former colleagues and friends of Salih, established a Memorial Scholarship at Baruch College honoring Salih Neftci’s memory.

Through a generous effort (over $27,000 raised in less than one month) and overwhelming response (over 100 out of 190 all-time alumni and students of the Baruch MFE Program contributed), the scholarship is now endowed in perpetuity.

The first scholarship will be awarded in February 2010 to a Baruch MFE student who demonstrated desire and ability to help others in understanding the principles of financial engineering.