Baruch MFE IAQF team

The Baruch MFE team won the Fourth Annual International Association of Financial Engineers (IAFE) Academic Student Competition.

In a competition of 25 teams from 17 programs, Baruch MFE students researched and wrote a paper on developing a product which can be used to reduce the risk in defined benefit pension plans.

The Baruch MFE team was led by team captain Scott Hounsell, who is doing an internship with Alphadine Capital Management. Team members included Yifan Cui, Bank of America Merrill Lynch; Chao Feng, Morgan Stanley; Yun Peng, Goldman Sachs; Sam Pfeiffer, Morgan Stanley; and Haotian Wu, JP Morgan.

Congratulations to our students, as well as to Professor Andrew Lesniewski, who guided our students. This was truly the success of the entire Baruch MFE community, and special thanks are owed to Bob Spruill (Baruch MFE’07), Kun Ji (Baruch MFE’13), and Muting Ren (Baruch MFE’08).

This was the first time a four way tie for 1st place was declared in the IAQF Student Competition; the other first-place teams are from Cornell, UC Berkeley and University of Illinois.

Congratulations to our winners!