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MTH 9848 Elements of Structured Finance

3 hours; 3 credits The course objective is to allow students to analyze the basic credit quality of securitizations backed by commodity asset types (mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, CDOs). Mastery of the material in this course will let the student model and evaluate the credit impact of collateral or structural alternatives. Hands-on work is [...]

MTH 9848 Elements of Structured Finance2022-01-07T18:53:19-05:00

ECO 82100 Econometrics and Financial Econometrics

3 Hours; 3 Credits The course assumes a working knowledge of concepts of econometric analysis. The objective is to work through a common set of principles, to formulate the theoretical underpinnings of various models, to study the workings of many econometric models, to be able to recognize variants of existing models, to develop variations of [...]

ECO 82100 Econometrics and Financial Econometrics2022-01-07T18:48:29-05:00

STA 9701 Time Series: Forecasting and Statistical Modeling

3 Hours; 3 Credits Modern methods of modeling and forecasting time series. The principal topic is the Box-Jenkins method of using autoregressive and moving average models, including non-seasonal and seasonal models, transformations to achieve stationarity, model identification by analysis of the sample autocorrelation and partial autocorrelation functions, criteria for model selection, and the use of [...]

STA 9701 Time Series: Forecasting and Statistical Modeling2022-01-07T18:42:34-05:00

STA 9700 Modern Regression Analysis

3 Hours; 3 Credits This first course in linear models is designed to present the material related to classical regression as well as relevant modern techniques. The traditional material based on ordinary least squares is blended with the modern methods of diagnosis and combating of collinearity. In the area of selecting the optimal subset model, [...]

STA 9700 Modern Regression Analysis2022-01-07T18:42:49-05:00

FIN 9797 Options Markets

3 Hours; 3 Credits Study of options, including the following topics: the structure and operation of organized exchanges, investment strategies under different market scenarios, arbitrage pricing, the valuation of options as a mechanism to price corporate securities, portfolio insurance as a trading strategy, and recent developments in the options markets. Pre/Corequisite: FIN 9783 or FIN [...]

FIN 9797 Options Markets2022-01-07T18:40:18-05:00

FIN 9793 Advanced Investment Analysis

3 Hours; 3 Credits Security valuation and portfolio management and analysis, empirical evidence, imperfections, and institutional implications. Applicable articles, cases, and problems will be assigned. Prerequisite: FIN 9773 or FIN 9783

FIN 9793 Advanced Investment Analysis2022-01-07T18:38:31-05:00

FIN 9790 Seminar in Finance

3 Hours; 3 Credits Selected topics to be chosen by the department. In occasional semesters, the topic will be fixed income securities. The innovative instruments such as zero coupons, strip bond swaps, mortgage-backed securities, and others will be analyzed along with the more traditional securities. Other topics considered in some years will be structuring incentive [...]

FIN 9790 Seminar in Finance2022-01-07T18:36:00-05:00

FIN 9786 International Financial Markets

3 Hours; 3 Credits Covers such topics as foreign exchange markets and their role in international movements of funds; Eurocurrency; Eurobonds; international stock markets, interaction among and integration of national and international money and stock markets; and regulation of Eurocurrency markets and flow of funds.

FIN 9786 International Financial Markets2022-01-07T18:34:02-05:00

FIN 9770 Corporate Finance

3 Hours; 3 Credits This course provides students with a survey and analysis of problems facing the financial manager, with an emphasis on the role of finance in the creation of value in corporations. Although it focusses on for-profit corporations, these lessons are also applicable to other forms of business, such as partnerships and non-profit [...]

FIN 9770 Corporate Finance2022-01-06T21:33:03-05:00

FIN 9782 Futures and Forward Markets

3 Hours; 3 Credits Study of derivative securities: interest, foreign currency, and equity swaps; the spot and futures markets; caps, floors, collars, and corridors; forward rate agreements (FRAs), and program trading. Market structure and valuation methods are examined. Pre/Co-requisite: FIN 9783 or FIN 9773

FIN 9782 Futures and Forward Markets2022-01-06T21:30:22-05:00
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