My experience in Baruch’s MFE program was great. The classes deepened my understanding of probability, stochastic calculus, and financial principles as well as my programming skills. The atmosphere was really collaborative – my classmates were always discussing problems they were stuck on and exchanging career advice. This made for an energetic and supportive environment. Our professors, who include respected professionals like Jim Gatheral and Andrew Lesniewski, made themselves very available to answer questions and share their experience.

The MFE program has been indispensable for starting my current career. Before entering the program, I had no experience in finance. Apart from developing my skills, the program gave me a unique chance to build relationships with people in the industry as well as access to a lot of opportunities; some alumni I know have even been able to find second or third jobs through the program’s career services. As a result, I was able to find a great position right after graduating.

Dru Pollini, MFE’12, Financial Engineer, Autonomy Capital
It took me one week of job searching to get an offer. That is something I could not have said before Baruch’s MFE program. The unparalleled dedication of the faculty and the rigorous coursework will thoroughly prep you for a career in quantitative finance. It was a fun and challenging experience and I got to meet a lot of smart and interesting people in the process.
Richard Postelnik, MFE’13, Co-Founder, CTO at NoteX

My experience at Baruch was outstanding. The faculty is exceptionally competent and directly connected to the financial industry. I was lucky enough to be part of one of last Salih Neftçi class, who was one of the most gifted teachers and researchers in financial engineering.

The classes were always up to date in terms of current needs in industry: I was able to take the Structured Finance class and make a career out of it very easily due to the high quality of the teaching. Also, the program emphasizes the need for strong programming skills; learning C++ was mandatory which helped tremendously when looking for a job.

Finally the placement support offered at Baruch is extremely professional and that’s why I was able to work right after I graduated and became a senior financial engineer at one of the biggest hedge fund in the world.

David Abitbol, MFE'05, Senior Financial Engineer, Hedge Fund Industry

The MFE program in Baruch College really gave me the opportunity to start from zero-background to a professional Quant. This program not only offers the necessary knowledge but also the job connections to top tier investment bank and hedge funds. I felt lucky to join this big family where each member is willing to help. The most valuable part of this program is that the director really cares about each student’s future. When looking back from now, I think I would never be able to get current job if I chose any other MFE programs. Thank you Dan and thanks for the MFE Program to Baruch College.

Jun Hua, Quantitative Analyst, Investment Bank

Once you are a Baruch MFE student, you are forever in the Baruch MFE community. I was in the 2014 NSD-Baruch MFE summer school. I can never exaggerate how good the professors and the alumni were during the summer camp. It was then when I made up my mind to try my best to join the program, and this changed my life greatly. The classes were very useful for the future career, with most of the professors being from the industry. What was more important, the skills I learned from courses and the classmates I met during the program helped me a lot for my future career. I got my dream job which I could have never imagined I will before coming to that summer school in 2014. Besides all of these advantages, the tuition here was half of almost every other similar programs. In the future, I will definitely try my best to help the excellent student from this program.

Yuxi Asana Liu, Quantitative Analyst, Investment Bank

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Though many people think the Baruch MFE Program is a New York-centric program, it is a global program. My classmates had internship and full-time job in Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, LA, and Hong Kong. The life-long career service and the diverse students backgrounds make this program elite and insightful.

Chi Franklin Ma, Quantitative Analyst, Investment Bank