Master of Science Program in Statistics – Data Science Track

Beginning Fall 2017, the Master of Science Program in Statistics at Baruch College will offer a Data Science track jointly with the Baruch MFE Program.

The Data Science track will consist of the courses listed below (in addition to the core required courses from the MS in Statistics Program). These courses are cross-listed in the Mathematics Department and the Paul Chook Department of Information Systems and Statistics. They are taught by instructors from the Baruch MFE program and will be open to and attended by Baruch MFE students.

MTH 9760 / STA 9760 Big Data Technologies

This course will cover current methods for extracting information from massive data sets, often while using algorithms that already push computing resources to their limits. It is intended that students get hands-on experience using CUNY’s super-computer resources.

MTH 9796 / STA 9796 Statistical Natural Language Processing

This course provides a survey of the challenges, concepts, and methodologies employed in Natural Language Processing (NLP). The subject brings together the modeling of the underlying structure of human language with the flexibility and power of neural networks and other algorithmic approaches. The course covers modeling the parts of speech, disambiguation, text similarity, maximum entropy methods, neural networks, and computational semantics.

MTH 9797 / STA 9797 Advanced Data Analysis

The aim of this course is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of mathematical models and their use in solving real world problems. Students will learn to use a programming language such as R or MATLAB to formulate models, evaluate data, uncover significant factors, estimate parameter values, and predict outcome values required for business decisions. Students will gain an invaluable experience in analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, and learn best in class practices for applying these models to real world datasets.


Application Process

To apply for the Master of Science Program in Statistics and subsequently take the courses in the Data Science track please follow the link below:

Admissions are done on a rolling basis and the admissions process is ongoing now.