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Ivan Matic works in probability theory, statistical mechanics, and partial differential equations, using techniques from analysis, probability and combinatorics to study large time behavior of variational problems related to solutions of stochastic Hamilton-Jacobi equations. He is also interested in problem solving and is a co-author of the book The IMO Compendium. He holds a B.Sc. degree from University of Belgrade and Ph.D from the University of California at Berkeley.

   Ivan Matic

   Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics, 6th Floor, Room 6-230 Baruch College City University of New York One Bernard Baruch Way (55 Lexington Ave. at 24th St) New York, NY 10010 Office: VC 6-294, Phone: (646) 312-4142 55 Lexington - Newman Vertical Campus E-mail: Ivan"dot"Matic"at"baruch"dot"cuny"dot"edu Teaching Fall 2017: MTH 4300: Algorithms, Computers and Programming II, [...]

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