My experience in Baruch’s MFE program was great. The classes deepened my understanding of probability, stochastic calculus, and financial principles as well as my programming skills. The atmosphere was really collaborative – my classmates were always discussing problems they were stuck on and exchanging career advice. This made for an energetic and supportive environment. Our professors, who include respected professionals like Jim Gatheral and Andrew Lesniewski, made themselves very available to answer questions and share their experience.

The MFE program has been indispensable for starting my current career. Before entering the program, I had no experience in finance. Apart from developing my skills, the program gave me a unique chance to build relationships with people in the industry as well as access to a lot of opportunities; some alumni I know have even been able to find second or third jobs through the program’s career services. As a result, I was able to find a great position right after graduating.

Dru Pollini, MFE’12, Financial Engineer, Autonomy Capital
It took me one week of job searching to get an offer. That is something I could not have said before Baruch’s MFE program. The unparalleled dedication of the faculty and the rigorous coursework will thoroughly prep you for a career in quantitative finance. It was a fun and challenging experience and I got to meet a lot of smart and interesting people in the process.
Richard Postelnik, MFE’13, Co-Founder, CTO at NoteX