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Juan Alonso holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from the University of Calgary. He has passed Level 1 of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program. Prior to joining the Baruch MFE Program he traded equities for a propriety trading firm based in Canada where he developed, tested, and operated automated high-frequency trading systems on multiple ETFs. He is interested in pursuing a career in research and development focusing on algorithmic trading. Juan enjoys running, squash, and reading.

I chose to join Baruch’s MFE Program because of its challenging curriculum, strong faculty members, great placement numbers, New York location, and small and selective class.

Kenneth Chan holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Polytechnic Institute of New York University and a MBA specializing in Finance from Baruch College. He has passed Level 1 of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program. He has over 10 years of software development and database programming experience. He is interested in pursuing a career as a quantitative trader. In his spare time, Kenneth enjoys swimming.

The faculty’s dedication to this program was one of my main reasons for choosing Baruch College. It fits my personality very well and I learn well under this kind of environment.

Ling Gu holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, Economics, and Finance from St. Olaf College. He has worked at Dongxing Securities Ltd as a technical analyst intern. He is interested in becoming a trader, a desk quant or a research quant. Ling enjoys playing pool and chess.

I decided to join the Baruch MFE Program because of its great career service, fast-paced and challenging curriculum and its location.

Simon Hermiz holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance with a minor in Accounting from Western Michigan University. He has five years of commercial banking experience in Credit Risk Management and most recently worked for Fifth Third Bank. He is interested in working in asset management as a quantitative analyst with the long-term goal of becoming a portfolio manager. Simon enjoys traveling and cooking.

Baruch’s MFE Program appealed to me for the following reasons: Location, Cutting Edge Curriculum, Top Notch Faculty, Small Class Size, and Strong Alumni/Faculty/Career Services Support

David Herssein received his Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from CUNY Brooklyn College, with Departmental honors. He is the recipient of many awards, including the Theodore J. Rivlin Memorial Award, the David Lipson Memorial Award, and the Franc Wertheimer ’50 Memorial Award. For the past year David has been an adjunct lecturer for the department of Mathematics at CUNY Brooklyn College. In his spare time, he likes to cook, play piano, and enjoy the outdoors. David is interested in becoming desk quant, and working in portfolio management.

While attending the Baruch Pre-MFE seminars I quickly realized that the instructors at Baruch were excellent and that Baruch has a small elite program in which the faculty genuinely wants each student to succeed.

Rong Hu background is in surface physics. She earned her Ph.D. in the subject from the University of Hong Kong and has authored five papers. Eileen is looking to get into derivatives trading and option pricing. Her favorite activities include camping, diving, and soccer.

The ideal location and dedicated staff. The great connection to the financial industry is also a big plus.

Deo Jaiswal is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, where he earned a degree in chemical engineering. He currently works as a consultant at Citigroup. His professional interests include options trading and statistical arbitrage. In his spare time he enjoys classical music.

My strong interest in Baruch’s MFE program developed while attending the Pre-MFE seminars. The individual attention to students’ progress, the close-knit community among Baruch faculty and students, and the rigorous curriculum with its pragmatic applications are some of the reasons that made me join the Baruch MFE Program.

Kun Ji has several years of experience working in the financial industry. He has spent many of those years as an equity trader and has also worked as a pension specialist. Kun joined Baruch’s MFE Program to pursue a career in quantitative trading. His interests include sports, reading, and poker.

Great location, outstanding curriculum, and a strong faculty that really cares about students.

Srinivas Kannepalli earned his Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. He has financial experience developing equities reconciliation systems for Bank of America, credit risk systems for Morgan Stanley, and valuations systems for Goldman Sachs. Srinivas enjoys playing card games and reading about Philosophy. He is interested in a career in quantitative analysis and modelling, risk management or algorithmic trading.

I chose Baruch MFE program because of the small class size, excellent reputation, personal attention given to each student and the placement services. I am sure that the refresher courses and the strong curriculum will

Jin Kong earned his Bachelor of Science in Physics from Peking University, and a Master of Science in Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences from University of California, Los Angeles. He intends to work in algorithmic trading at an investment bank or hedge fund. Jin loves to cook and play tennis.

I chose the Baruch MFE Program for its great reputation in NYC, its placement of graduates, and the personality of Prof. Stefanica

Jason Krugly holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Computer Science from Polytechnic Institute of New York University. He has significant experience working as a software developer and has worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Deutsche Bank. After graduating from the Baruch MFE Program he would like to pursue a career in trading and developing pricing models for derivative securities. Jason enjoys lifting weights, running, and swimming.

I chose to join the Baruch MFE Program for two reasons: not only because it is one of the best and most affordable programs available in the New York City area, but also because it is the only program I am aware of that offered the prospective students an opportunity to enroll in the Pre-MFE refresher seminars. These seminars provided a unique opportunity to review the mathematical and financial concepts necessary for the MFE Program and also exposed the prospective students to the teaching styles of the professors who teach in the program. The top-notch quality of teaching and the rigorous nature of the coursework was the deciding factor that led me to choose the Baruch MFE Program over other programs.

Yaakov Landy before attending college, Yaakov studied the Talmud for three years. He attended Baruch College for his undergraduate degree, where he studied physics and graduated with honors. He is interested in a career in managing risk for a commercial bank. In his spare time, Yaakov likes to solve puzzles.

Besides Baruch’s reputation for excellence as a top tiered school, I feel a kinship with its students and professors that is more important to me than anything else.

Jinwen Liu as a high school student, Jinwen earned a number of prizes in China’s Physics Olympiad. Since earning a Ph.D. in Physics, Jinwen has been developing algorithmic trading strategies as a quantitative analyst at a firm focusing on commodity and index futures. His hobbies include tennis and playing the piano.

I chose Baruch because of its great location, practical curriculum, dedicated faculty and strong network. I believe the Baruch MFE Program can help me achieve my career goals.

Ran Liu earned her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Fudan University, where she was awarded a National Scholarship. As an intern at Citibank, she programmed a data processing system to collect and analyze clients’ credit risk. At another internship with Shanghai Highchain Investments, a hedge fund, she developed algorithmic trading strategies, and built a platform for strategy selection and asset allocation. In her spare time, Ran enjoys badminton, card games, and traveling. She plans to pursue a career in risk management or algorithmic trading.

I chose Baruch because of its dedicated faculty and the close-knit community feel of the student body. A dedicated faculty means experience-oriented curriculum, practitioner teaching, and great career services. Baruch’s community fosters a great learning environment and motivation for me to learn from alumni and fellow students.

Maneet Mahal holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Information Technology & Informatics from Rutgers University. Prior to joining the Baruch MFE Program she worked at eVestment Alliance as a fund analyst focusing on the hedge fund sector. She is interested in a career in portfolio management at an investment bank or a hedge fund. Maneet enjoys skiing, running, bicycling, and swimming.

The curriculum, quality of teaching, the wonderful family like environment, and the rigor of the program made my decision very easy.

Nirav Pandya holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from Mumbai University and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the State University Of New York at Binghamton. He has passed Level 1 of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program. He currently works at UBS as a Senior Developer on the FX Options market making desk. Prior to this, he worked at Total Bank Solutions as a Senior Developer. After graduating from the Baruch MFE Program he would like to work on a market making options desk as a strategist and devise automated volatility trading algorithms. Nirav enjoys running, travelling, and playing poker.

I chose Baruch’s MFE Program because of its great team of dedicated faculty, exemplary employment statistics, and excellent reputation in the industry

Richard Postelnik graduated with a Master of Arts in Economics and Finance from Binghamton University. He has financial experience working as an Institutional Strategy Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he was in charge of data collection, analysis, risk review, and implementing new policy. His hobbies include cooking and Taekwondo. Richard looks to either work in Risk Management or as a desk quant.

I chose Baruch because when I took two Pre-MFE courses, I found the dedication and quality of the staff to be unparalleled.

Yojna Purohit holds a Ph.D in Computational Material Science from North Carolina State University. She has spent more than eight years researching nanoengineering, which gave her experience with many computational methods, including Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics. She has over nine publications to her name. Yojna is looking to pursue quantitative strategies at a hedge fund or investment bank. When she is not working, Yojna enjoys hiking and experimenting in the kitchen.

I was attracted to Baruch’s exceptional curriculum, alumni, and placement statistics.

Alexander Solodukhin researches systematic trading strategies for the Quantitative Strategies group at Mizuho Alternative Investments, LLC. His work involves backtesting, analyzing correlation, asset allocation, and rolling out strategies to go live. A recipient of the National Science Foundation Scholarship, Alexander graduated magna cum laude from Hunter College, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science. He is interested in a career researching futures trading strategies at a hedge fund. Alexander enjoys reading, listening to music, and chess.

Baruch is one of the best programs in New York City. It became my first choice after I attended Pre-MFE program.

Dov Sturm received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a minor in Physics from Baruch College. Dov’s previous work experience involved managing the accounting department of a small business, as well as serving as the IT administrator. He is interested in applying the principles of mathematical finance to either risk management or the engineering, backtesting and implementation of algorithmic trading strategies in an investment bank or proprietary firm. Dov enjoys ice-skating, hockey, music.

During my undergraduate years at Baruch, I had the privilege of studying under several MFE professors. When considering graduate programs, I recalled their singular methods of instruction, and the personal guidance they afforded me. Their unparalleled level of dedication fueled my desire to continue my studies under their tutelage. Furthermore, the program’s unique emphasis on teamwork and the camaraderie such engenders greatly appealed to me. Finally, the curriculum’s fine-tuned balance between theory and application seemed to be just what I was looking for.

Yujia Sun studied economics and finance at the University of Hong Kong where she was awarded a number of honors, including the HKU Foundation Scholarship. She spent a year interning at HuaAn Asset Management in a fund operations role. Yujia is interested in learning quantitative strategies and getting into algorithmic trading. She is a bridge player and also enjoys the outdoors.

I choose the Baruch MFE Program because of its small class size and its cutting edge and streamlined curriculum.

Marc Tourangeau currently covers VaR production and methodology at Morgan Stanley as an analyst. As an undergraduate, he studied mathematics at NYU. In his free time, he enjoys table tennis, weightlifting, and cycling.

After taking the pre-MFE classes, I was really blown away by the quality of the professors and the cheerful atmosphere at Baruch. Despite the academic rigors and stiff competition of the program, all the students I met were keen to help each other succeed and find good opportunities in the industry.

Ilya Volf holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance & Investments with a minor in Mathematics from Baruch College. He currently works in risk modeling and analytics at Prudential Financial Services with a focus on credit risk. He has a number of professional qualifications as an actuary. His interests include competitive sports, chess, and bird-watching.

The school is located within the heart of the financial sector, making it extremely accessible for recruitment opportunities.

Jun Wang received a Bachelor of Economics in Financial Engineering with a minor in Accounting from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. She has held internships at Citibank, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, and Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Through Baruch, Jun is pursuing a career in risk management, particularly on the buy side. In her spare time, she enjoys playing badminton and table tennis, reading and listening to jazz.

I chose the Baruch MFE Program for the following reasons: (1) Its central location in New York City, (2) Its excellent career services, (3) Top notch faculty (many of whom are practitioners), successful alumni and smart fellow students.

Guangxi Yang graduated from Zhejiang University with a Bachelor of Economics. As an intern at China Investment Securities Co., Ltd., she designed and implemented a set of dynamic exit strategies. Her hobbies include jogging and music, Guangxi is a master piano player, having been granted the highest level certificate by the Chinese Musicians Association.She is interested in a career in either risk management or trading.

I chose the Baruch MFE Program because of the delicately organized classes, dedicated faculty, great location and outstanding career service.

Yongyi Ye earned his Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from Emory University, where he accelerated his studies and graduated in three years. With a keen interest in numerical analysis and computer science, he plans for a career in algorithmic tradong. In his spare time, Yongyi plays badminton and tennis.

I chose the Baruch MFE Program after talking to current students and alumni and hearing their great reviews. Other reasons were the excellent career services, great value, and nice people.

David Zawistowski holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Denison University. He has passed all three levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program and holds the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification. He currently works at Credit Suisse in Structured Credit Derivatives IT. Prior to that he worked at DKR Capital as a Software Engineer. After completing the Baruch MFE Program David would like to work in a fixed income derivatives front office technology role. David enjoys Strength Training and Argentinian Tango.

The Baruch MFE faculty seems to be very focused on preparing you for your career on day one.

Yi Zhang holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance, Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics from the University of Hong Kong. He has worked at StepStone Global as a private equity summer analyst and at Entropy Ventures as an Investment Analyst. He is interested in applying quantitative analysis with an emphasis in risk management or algorithmic trading. Kelvin enjoys playing basketball, reading, and singing.

I picked Baruch’s MFE Program because of its small class size, reasonable tuition, excellent career service, and its top ranking.

Shixiang Zhang earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He has held various internships in finance. Most recently as an intern at Citibank, he worked in wealth management, developing customers and selling various financial product. Shixiang is interested in pursuing a career in algorithmic trading or quantitative risk management. In his spare time, he enjoys calligraphy and table tennis.

The personal attention given by the program is very impressive. At the same time, the Baruch MFE Program has an excellent location and very good reputation on Wall Street. The Program has a small class size, which means the students can easily access all the staff and educational resources.